Some of these are scanned from actual photographs, others are scanned from small illustrations in books, so the quality really varies.  I also have kept their size down because of website space limitations and loading time.  If you want any particular picture in better quality, please email me and I will scan one in higher resolution and send it on to you.

Descendants of Jan and Jerry Larsen

Children of Jan and Jerry - Marcia and Brian Larsen
Grandchildren of Jan and Jerry - Stephanie and Ashley Tripp
Grandchildren of Jan and Jerry - Kellen and Taryn Larsen 
Great Grandchild of Jan and Jerry -  Jocelyn Tripp


Ancestors of Janet Marie McCarty

Parents of Jan - Mark McCarty and Estella Norton
Grandparents of Jan - Edwin DeWitt McCarty and Mary Margaret Mohr
Grandparents of Jan - Harry Van Doran Norton and Emma Margaret Hess
Greatgrandparents of Jan - Silas Bartholomew Norton and Maria Van Dorn
Greatgrandmother of Jan - Sarah Ellen Eatough

Ancestors of Jerome Edward Larsen

Parents of Jerry - Loyd Larsen and Doris Davenport
Grandparents of Jerry - John Larsen and Brynhild Haugseth
Grandparents of Jerry - Emory Remington and Nellie Larson
Greatgrandparents of Jerry - Lars Pederson and Johanne Eliasdatter
Greatgrandparents of Jerry - Embret Bergersen and Pernille Simensdatter
Greatgrandparents of Jerry - Jeremiah Davenport and Helen Remington
Greatgrandparents of Jerry - Ola Larson and Johanna Nilsson
Greatgreatgrandparents of Jerry - Berger Embretsen and Siri Mathisdatter
Greatgreatgrandparents of Jerry - Nils Christensson and Sissa Mortensson
Greatgreatgrandmother of Jerry - Svenborg Jonsson
Greatgreatgrandparents of Jerry - Edward Wilcox Davenport and Clarissa Danforth Crapo
Greatgreatgrandparents of Jerry - Jerome Remington and Lydia Ripley Badger
Greatgreatgreatgrandparents of Jerry - Joseph Crapo and Mary Hicks Collins
Greatgreatgreatgrandparents of Jerry - Mathis Eriksen and Siri Olsdatter

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