Notable Connections to Jan and Jerry Larsen

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--  Mayflower Ancestors  --

William Brewster
Francis Cooke
Edward Fuller
George Soule
Richard Warren
William White

--  Presidents  --

John Quincy Adams
George H. W. Bush
Ulysses S. Grant (Jan)
Ulysses S. Grant (Jerry)

Abraham Lincoln
Franklin D. Roosevelt
William Howard Taft
Zachary Taylor

--  Others  --

Winston Churchill
Orville and Wilbur Wright (Early flight pioneers)
Orson Welles (Actor and director, "Citizen Kane" etc.)
Vice President Charles Gates Dawes  (VP to Cleveland)
Governor James William Dawes  (Governor of Nebraska)
Frederic Remington  (Western artist - painter and sculptor)
Eliphalet Remington, Jr.  (Inventor of first Remington Rifle)
Laura Ingalls (Wilder )  (Author, "Little House on the Prairie")
Sigrid Undset  (Norwegian author and Nobel Laureate for "Kristin Lavransdatter")